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Mindful Movement: Exercise For A Healthy Mind-Body Balance

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Let’s be honest: juggling a demanding life can be overwhelming at times. But, don’t forget that physical activity can help with stress relief, improve energy levels, and help to foster a balanced mind-body connection. Mindful movement isn’t just about pushing yourself to hit new personal bests or to look your best. It’s about taking the time to really focus on the movements and to recognize how they make you feel and how they impact your body.

Not sure where to start or how to incorporate mindful movement into your daily life? Below are some ways to think about mindful movement:

Focus on Breath


Make sure to pay attention to your breathing, especially when you’re beginning a new physical activity. Concentrate on breathing in and out through your nose, making sure to focus on filling up your lungs and allowing your stomach to expand as you inhale. As you exhale, slowly let the air out, paying attention to how it feels to be aware of your body while you move.

Check-In with Your Body


Your body is an inextricable part of mindful movement. Be sure to regularly pause and check in with how your body feels as you move. Is it getting tired? Are your muscles engaged? Do you feel the activity in your body?

These pauses will help to bring your attention back to the present. Take the time to really listen to your body and focus on how it feels throughout your movement. Pay attention to areas where you might need to stretch out and where your body might need more support.

Enjoy the Moment


Of course, it can be easy to become caught up in expectations or comparisons when exercising. But, try to recognize that mindful movement is ultimately about joy. Try to stay present throughout the practice and take time to actually enjoy the movements.

Focusing on mindful movement and taking time to recognize how good it makes you feel is a great way to improve your mind-body balance. So, take the time to focus on body awareness, breathe deep, and even take a mental snapshot of how wonderful your body looks throughout movement!

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